Be careful on your first date

First Date
First Date

Mostly the first date is the most difficult one as you really get quite conscious about everything you do. Starting from wearing your clothes to the way you greet and the way you eat, everything becomes difficult as it’s associated with a “judgement factor.”

You should maintain following tips to ensure that your first date is not spoilt.

Be sure

Before you meet the person you should be sure about him or her. The best thing would be talking to the person over the phone or chatting online. This would help you to frame an impression about him or her and help you to gauge if he the person is “your type”.


Even if you want to marry the person and you are too sure about him or her, never express your desperation either in your tone or through your body language. Of course it is important that you make the person feel comfortable and needed in your life.

Physical appearance

Never be too loud or too soft in your appearance. Most importantly do not change your style of clothing on the day of dating. The other person should know your actual style and likes and dislikes about clothes. So wear attire you are comfortable with. Otherwise you would be surely caught by your dating partner and he or she might make fun of you as well.

Don’t eat too much

When you place an order for food does not eat too much or too little. Eating a lot may scare your partner leaving an unpleasant impression about you. Also, give preference to your partner while placing an order.

You should not stink

There are times when your mouth stinks for whatever reasons, so maintain that it doesn’t. Also there should be a pleasant fragrance coming out of your body which should neither be too loud nor too soft.

Choosing the right place

It is important that you choose the right kind of place for sharing time with each other. It should neither be too private like a hotel room nor too public where you can’t even hold your partner’s hand.

Don’t get too bossy

Maintain a right kind of pace as it is important to make your partner confide in you. Rather than being dominant or submissive try and maintain a just kind of environment, this would encourage both of you to open up.

The list of tips could be even longer, however, apply your presence of mind and take spot decisions for a successful first date.