Beautiful She is! Now Tell Her So.


h1American author, Thomas Spencer Monson said “… a woman needs to be told that she is beautiful”. Being told that she is beautiful is every woman’s deepest desire and that includes wives. It is just as important for every wife to know that she is beautiful. She deserves to hear that accolade from her husband.

The Importance of Telling it

Most often, a wife sees herself through her husband’s eyes. Husbands are the mirror that reflects their beauty. They are the reason why she tries to look attractive in the first place. She strives day after day to please her husband and so the least a husband can do is to soothe her with comforting words. Those words will help lessen the stress and strain she faces from time to time.

If your wife tells you that you are handsome once in a while, it might be good enough for you. But she needs to be encouraged as often as possible because women are more beauty conscience than men. Women set really high standards of beauty even comparing themselves to size-2 supermodels! They compete themselves with other women around them and then start to feel miserable about their own appearance.

 Watch That Thought

In his book “His Needs, Her Needs”, William Harley says that her being attractive is the third biggest need that you, as a man, have in your marriage. So putting up reasons that you married her for her brains and funny side would just be a full-scale tall tale. You married her because you thought she was pretty.

If you are starting to think that she’s not the girl you married because she’s gained some weight or has a wrinkle or two, then take a close look in the mirror. You might not be the same handsome guy that she married either!

It is essential to remember that it kills a woman inside when you say that another woman is more beautiful than her. If you find such thoughts invading your mind, it’s time to do a self-check and set up a barricade. Block out things that divert your attention and focus only on your wife- the sole (pun intended) and most beautiful woman of your life.

 Beautifying your woman

You can make your wife feel beautiful with little things you say and do every day. You can ‘beautify’ her and ease her mind off the pressure of insecurity.

  • Open up: Just tell her that she is beautiful and you are grateful that she is yours. Compliments on her hair and eyes will unquestionably make her day and send her to the seventh heaven.
  • Truthfulness: Be sincere when you compliment her and remember that you are helping her to appreciate herself and defeat the prejudices that she created on her own.
  • The right time: ‘Now’ is always the time to tell her. Be the first one to praise her when she turns up in her newest dress. You’re the mirror that she sees and it is your responsibility to tell her that she looks great.
  • Watch your response: She wants you to be excited about her appearance so avoid using straightforward words like okay, good and fine.
  • Inner Beauty: Appreciate her tender spirit and affable attitude. Be sure to tell her that you find her inner beauty appealing. This will strengthen the bond of love you share.

Why Wait?

You should consider your wife as the center of your universe. When people look at her others should see the most loved person on the planet. She is beautiful and she should know about it. She desires to be special in her husband’s eyes. So, don’t waste any more time. Tell her and let everyone see that ‘she is beautiful’.