Being Childless is better or adopting kids is preferred

Remain childless or Adopt
Remain childless or Adopt

One can come out of an adversarial situation in life by willingness to win over the same. Being childless is no more a curse; rather it is like any other adverse situation you may come across.

The million dollar question is how you look at things, whether you blow them away or you get blown.

No one can actually recommend you to adopt or to be childfree. The decision has to come from you as you have gauged yourself and your desire as well.

“There are cases where the couple do not become parent’s consciously.  They feel they are not ready to manage such a big responsibility.”

In other cases there might be biological constraints for a couple to attain parenthood. In such cases you have the option of adopting a child from a reliable resource centre.

Before adopting it is important for you to prepare yourself for the changes you are going to encounter in the days to come. A few points you may note to become a good parent-

  • Share your decision with your relatives and friends and give them time to accept the fact.
  • Visit the sites and a library to collect books on “parenting tips”.
  • Learn to stay up at night in case you are planning to adopt an infant. They are in a great habit of waking up whole of the night.
  • Learn the art of singing rhymes and narrating stories to keep the child occupied.
  • Decorate the room of your baby.
  • Talk to your Boss about your “Family leave”.
  • Inform the biological parents of the child, talk to them to understand the basics of the child’s likes and dislikes.

In case you think you are not prepared to adopt a child then also you can consider a few points to accept the fact-

  • Mingle with other child free parents to understand how they spend their time and how have they accepted this open secret.
  • Spend time with children who have no parents. This way both of you would be supplementing each other.
  • Try to divert your focus from “How your life should be” to “How you should spend every moment of your life.”
  • Get involved into creative activities which would always keep you mentally engaged.

The debate on “being childless” or “adopting a child” will actually have no conclusions. The conclusion lies in accepting the fact and taking actions according to the decision one makes.