Being Spouse rather than Just Room Mates


For a couple there are many things which comes into consideration, after marriage you need be a spouse , it is not enough to be like a so called good room partner, sex is a very important part of marriage, and it makes the bond of couple more stronger. Today it is common to see the sexless life of couples and that can lead to many problems. Let’s discuss the reason which make the life of couples sexless and create a void and boredom in the married life.

Reasons that makes the life of couples sexless…

1) Lack of privacy

Some couples feel odd because of thought that typical sexual sounds will humiliate you opposite others in the family unit, this blockage justifies genuine consideration.

2) Age Factor

After certain age it is obvious to see the lack of sexually drive in between the couples.

3) Communication gap between the couple

After some years of marriage, couple get tends to have lack of communication and that is where the ego problem starts.

4) Busy lifestyle and responsibilities

These are the few things on which only your management can work out. One should try to set priorities and sex must be scheduled.

5) Lack of interest of one partner in sex

It is one of the common complaints in couples; one may find other partner not so active or boring when it comes to sex.

Solutions to cop up with lack of sex between couples –

There might different solution for both males and females because they face different problems.

For males-

* For erection problem due to aging medicines like…

  1. Viagra
  2. Levitra
  3. Cialis

Can be used as they give short term erection.

* Lack of sexual drive

 To cop up with this problem proper counseling is needed, because this situation may arise due to some mental problems, stress or depression.

For females-

* They face issue of vaginal dryness, but this problem can be overcome by the use of lubricants and moisturizers…

* Lack of sexual drive after certain age – –

This is very common among women after certain age and also after menopause; this problem can be sorted out by the use of intense vibrators.

But overall this matter totally depends upon the understanding of the couple.