Biggest Celebrity Affairs: Love Them – Hate Them!


Hollywood is a land of mystique, scandals, beauty and loads of entertainment to begin with. As such, extra marital affairs in Hollywood are almost the next thing one gets to see regularly on tabloids. Hollywood is always filled with scandals and issues of extra marital affairs between already married couples. Often one can see tabloids and papers with pictures of married stars with other stars rather than their spouses.

There are cases of infidelity in every relationship. For shoots which carries on for months and times with a handsome star paired with a gorgeous lady star for long months, intimacy hours are bound to happen and lead to a long relationship further. However, many stars seem to love this in and out of tabloids. There are many celebrities who grab headlines and front pages due to their popularity and be in the news for having their share of cake.

Celebrities like Brad Pitt who was earlier married to Jennifer Aniston before the shooting of Mr. and Mrs. Smith where he met Angelina Jolie and found new love in her company. Sooner enough, they started dating and Brad Pitt got separated and divorced Jennifer to be with Angelina Jolie. Likewise other couples like Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, where in this case, Sandra Bullock divorced James when she found out that he was having an affair with model Michelle Magee. Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig were having an affair during the shooting of Dream House at a time when both were already engaged. Celebrities have their share of cake when they are married, engaged or even have children from their marriage.

Many couples fall in love and get into relationships even if they are already married to someone else. Many of these relationships come out in the forefront with photographs of them seeing each other and clicked by gossip mongers. Most of these extra marital flings and new found love results in breaking up of the already existing marriage and as a result, in time couples moving on to new relationships in life.

In some cases, the already married woman – Mrs. Wife or the man – Mr. Husband come to know about the new found love through these photographs or leaked information. Be it through the movies for entertainment or these spicy and ‘piece of cake’ news for the viewers, Hollywood has continued to entertain and make people awe in its glitz for both the right and wrong reasons.

Be it Political celebs like President Bill Clinton or Hollywood stars like Sandra Bullock – Hate them or love them you just can’t ignore them..!