Bizarre yet Believable Cases of Demand for Divorce


Some real happenings in life which bring two people together may seem stranger than fiction and there also are cases when partners decide to separate for reasons invented out of bizarre reasoning. No psychologist could do any more research but grant such occurrences to a certain condition of the mind that would remain as much unexplainable at the end of this reading.

In China the wife took a case for divorce to the court when the parrot at their residence started twittering words like ’I love you’, ‘divorce’ and ‘ be patient’. She took the parrot as an evidence of the telltale signs of her husband’s misdemeanor. The Chinese court could not find the parrot’s testimony as admissible evidence in a court of law but that did not prevent the lady from going her way to live separately on account of her partner’s marital indiscretions.

In another case the wife refused to share the bed with her husband except for purposeful acts of intended procreation and led to her demand for separation. The husband complained on grounds of refusal to consummate the marriage. The ultimate reason for separating was finally incompatibility but the germination was as much vexed as our understanding of the entire argument.

In Saudi Arabia a woman in her fifties followed the tradition of her village of not lifting the veil from the face even in front of her husband. The husband after a 30 year wait lifted the veil when she was sleeping to get a genuine sneak peek of her facial beauty and has to face the wrath of his wife in the form of a demand for immediate divorce.

A German woman divorced her husband because she was tired of her husband’s penchant for house cleaning. She appealed that she had tolerated the ‘cleanliness’ for 15 long years and could take it no longer.

Simple cases of lying about one’s age has also seen end of the road for many marriages. The fact remains that these cases of demand for separation and ultimately divorce may seem bizarre enough but we also have to consider and ask the question that are these stand alone reasons? In many occasions it would then be revealed that are a combination of factors. Nevertheless, strange reasons also reveal the kinks in human thinking.