Bubbly spouses can bring the most out of a relationship


The secret to a healthy relationship between spouses is in being best friends first and husband and wife later. The fact that it is both of them who have to face the ups and downs of life together makes it viable to maintain the best friends relationship in between them , so that they could back up each other in the way friends do.

The essentials

It is often preached as a part of parenting advice to avoid doing certain things in front of your spouse, but a few times it is taught that being yourself could sort almost all your relationship issues and this is what should be done. The underlying fact that you have to spend a life time with your spouse makes it obvious that you cannot fake yourself all the way. This not only gets your family bonding better but also instills respect for each other and in the relationship; that to by giving space to each other’s personal attributes. It automatically eradicates the lying and infidelity problem out of the relationship thereby ruling out any relationship counseling.

Healthy Relationship

Ways in which you can be a bubbly spouse

  1. Share the same room
  2. Make each other aware of your activities
  3. Always remember the last quality time spent together
  4. Have regular conversations; tell the minutest of details and happening of your life.
  5. Intimacy is of utmost importance for a healthy relationship
  6. Make relationship your priority

A more elaborative approach

The compatibility between the two persons in a relationship is identified by the fact that whatsoever intimacy a relationship has, there should always be some boundaries drawn on basis of mutual understanding. A boundary free marriage or live-in relationship is like a relationship between roommates and such kind of relationship is an invitation to all kinds of compatibility and relationship issues.

Living together is the act of roommates but proper synchronization draws the line between living like roommates or soul mates. It is quite good to keep the bubbly friends relation between the two, which helps in better understanding, while the all open relationship lets in the room for losing interest in each other thereby increasing the probability of falling out of the relationship.

Keep an eye on the factors nearby, if they are indicative of the situation that potential issues have crept in to your relationship then to protect it from threats you should start rebuilding trust. Give the relationship a fresh start, before it’s too late.