Can a childless couple be happy?

Happy Childless couple
Happy Childless couple

When the status of a couple is converted from “spouses” to “parents” probably that’s the most beautiful moment in their lives. However, with the growing stress and environmental pollution, there are many couples who do not get this bliss. Should they mourn about this fact or take in their stride and move ahead?

The answer would definitely be “moving ahead”. There could be accelerators to life but there should be nothing decelerating it. In fact, life is meant to live and enjoy it. So are you interested in knowing the ways to be happy even without being blessed with a child?

Read the following tips

Pamper your spouse

The way you could have pampered your child, now pamper your spouse. Don’t forget that there is a child en every person so elate that child and live happy moments together> Value what you have rather than mourning for what you could not get.

Support each other and face others

There might be people trying to sympathize with you but never give them a scope to do that. Extend every possible support to your spouse so that he doesn’t feel small and incomplete. After all, there are parents who send their children to a hostel so that they can be free from the responsibility. Aren’t they equal to you?

In fact, a study reveals that couples that have children are equally or less happy than childless couples. Of course that doesn’t mean that children bring unhappiness to their parents’ lives.

Think positively

According to another study the stress level of parents get increased due to children, so in a way if you’re not blessed with one you’re not stressed too. Look at positive side of what you don’t have. You will be able to spend more time with your spouse.

Think of Adoption

If you still think your inner peace is getting disrupted and you are not complete in yourself then you can think of adopting a child and parenting him.

Take help of medical science

Medical science has advanced so much that if someone really wants a child he or she will get it. You can think of surrogacy or IVF or test tube baby to get happiness for yourself.

Everything has to be done with the consent of both the partners. Be the biggest possible support for each other, stand by each other’s decision and respect the feelings of each other, there is nothing which cannot be resolved with trust and mutual understanding. After all, being childless is a common phenomenon these days.