Can an office spouse be a replacement for your own one?

Office spouse
Office spouse
Office spouse

When your marriage starts losing its sheen and things become quite manual and like any other mundane activity for you, all you can fear is to fall for someone else. And this “someone else” is mostly available at your work place.
Office as a respite

After your own house, the office is one place where you spend most of your hours. You interact with very many kinds of people and this is where you strike a chance of falling from someone new in life.

The relationship you share with this person

As because you are spending more number of hours with this person than your spouse, you will tend to share everything possible about profession. And this is because you are quite comfortable. Gradually you may start sharing your personal life issues too which may start with the superficial ones first. A time will come when you may get deep into the relationship and would start sharing your deeper feelings too.

Meanwhile the shallow relationship which you share with your spouse would push your bond with this new person and make you feel like being with him or her forever.

The signs that you are in love

When you wake you pick up your mobile if there is any text or mail from the other person. You think about this person while packing your lunch, you may also carry small things that could be required by this person.

You may not like the company of your spouse even more, and would be happy to get a chance to be with this new person in life.

This person becomes your spouse in the office

Whether you realize or you don’t, you will start laying the role of spouse in this person’s life and vice versa. You may get worried if he or she has not had, lunch or has missed a meeting or has got struck into traffic. The thoughts which should have actually come for your spouse would get replaced and would automatically come for this new person.

A replacement forever or temporarily

If your spouse is not majorly at fault, and there is a border in your married life merely due to fatigue, then be sure that this new relationship is actually a change over and nothing else. If you could get bored with your married life, you may not be able to stick to this new attraction and excitement for a long time.

They say that there is a deep connection between a man and a woman when they become husband and wife. And this attachment or bond could not get dissolved as easily as one wants to. Moreover, when a relationship is affected by boredom, it is only a matter of time when it would overcome this phase too. An office husband or wife could be a temporary respite but life has to return to hard realities, unless the existing spouse has been going wrong majorly. So enjoy the change and get back to reality once you wake up.