Can difference in Intelligence Quotient of a couple affect the emotional equations too?

Difference in IQ
Difference in IQ
Difference in IQ

Yes it probably can. Think of a couple who differ from each other in Intelligence, would they not differ in many other aspects too?

They certainly would.

Difference in IQ could be unhealthy

  • The first and foremost thing one must note is that the difference in Intelligence would make the two people two different personalities. In fact every person is different from the other, yet when there is a gap between the cognitive levels the perception would also differ.
  • They may not be able to observe, perceive and react to a change in an almost similar manner due to this difference.
  • The way of handling as it is differs between two of them and now that they have different IQ, you can certainly not expect them to handle a situation or an emergency in a similar way.
  • There could issues of compatibility because what one can understand the other cant and it could be vice versa too.
  • The deep understanding may be lacking which is mainly through silent communication. Since they don’t match up in wavelengths of thought process, they may not be able to catch the frequencies of the partner.
  • Gradually it may lead to lack or less of communication between the two because; one may not enjoy talking to a partner who is much higher or lower in IQ.
  • There may remain a lot many issues unresolved due to lack of faith. Here one partner fails to trust the other because he or she does not have the confidence of matching the inner feelings.
  • In the process one may get attracted towards someone who is equally compatible and holds an equal IQ.

IQ is not all about a relationship

You may find your partner not to be with an equal IQ that you have, but if there are enough emotional quotients and the bond is strong then your relationship should not fail.

An individual is made of up of many elements and components, IQ holds an important place and so does Emotions. Before coming to a conclusion you must evaluate the sincerity, the trust, the faithfulness and the love coming from your spouse.

One would certainly not be happy to get a spouse who is as intelligent as the partner, but, there is no passion in the relationship. So what is more important is to have a strong bond between the people making a marriage.
Largely, if you look at things you will realize that two people can make a happy and healthy relationship if they share almost an equal intelligence level. And it has been observed to be affecting a relationship too. But, if you are deeply in love with someone you will certainly be more into the relationship than otherwise. So, for a healthy bond it is important to have a partner who shares an equal cognitive skill as you, but it is also important that there is a strong emotional satisfaction between he two individuals