Can office romance be devastating for the Career?

Office Romance
Office Romance

Are you working in an office? You have fallen for a person who is either your colleague or boss?

Then you need to take a serious note of the following article.

Yes, what we generally term as “Office romance” might seem to be an interesting idea but could have very many negative impacts on your career; some of them can be as following:

When in love with Boss:

Difficulties for the subordinate in love with the Boss:

  • You may get ignored by your colleagues as they don’t find you to be the one of them. Instead you would be treated as someone representing the boss. On the other hand, even if you have a full-fledged romance with your boss you cannot spend all the time with him, you will need a companion.
  • You will find yourself to be alone and aloof as most of the people will be scared of you.
  • They will hardly scare their pranks or any other issues thinking you to be an informer of the boss.
  • Some of them may get overfriendly merely in the lure of benefits they may extract from you.

Difficulties for the Boss

  • Merely because Boss is in love with one of the subordinates, others may fail him to a genuine decision maker; in fact most of the decisions made by him will not be trusted.
  • It would be difficult for the Boss to make many of the difficult decisions keeping his romance in mind.

When in love with a colleague

Whenever both the colleagues would remain absent from their own reasons they would be mistrusted by the management and even if the leave is incidentally together, it would not be taken in the right spirit. Someone else trying to be in relationship with any of the two people involved could make serious problems in the office.

The impacts of office romance

  • Sometimes, the integrity of the person is questioned.
  • The career growth can get retrogressive as the boss or any colleague can get vindictive.
  • The intentions of a person being in an “in-house relationship” are generally questioned.
  • Your concentration could get diverted and attention span could also get less than what it used to be.

Hence, it is always better to avoid any such relationship which could lead your career into any kind of trouble.