Causes of conflicts in a marital relationship

Conflicts in a couple
Conflicts in a couple

Marital relationship is possibly the most loving and complex relationship on this universe. There is no one who can actually decide the course of such a relationship and predict the formula to its happiness or exact ways to keep it far away from conflicts.

There is no straight cut way to ensure that your relationship would experience no differences and hence no conflicts.

Yet, a few of the reasons for conflict can be as

  • Lack of mutual confidence

A relationship which revolves around trust and confidence is likely to see conflicts when it lacks the same. When you don’t trust a person you will not trust his opinions too.

  • Lack of emotional bonding

When a relationship is bond with emotions it forgives anything and everything, however, if it lacks this bond then you become a “fault finder” and every deed of your partner is disliked by you.

  • Disapproval

A time comes when you start thinking that you have had too much of your partner and then you start disapproving all the ideas coming from your partner

  • I am always right

While you tend to stick on to a relationship for a longer period you start thinking that you cannot go wrong and you have the best of everything which is why your partner does not even think go leaving you.

  • Lack of physical intimacy

When you don’t make love regularly with your partner, the attraction reduces thereby lowering the level of calmness and the feeling of “want” in you.  So, you can be assured that it will lead to conflict.

  • Different backgrounds

If both of you belong to two different backgrounds probably you will not have a clear understanding of your wishes and expectations, leading to conflict.

  • Different personalities

When both of you are absolutely different personalities, one goes east and the other goes west then it would be difficult to reach a conclusion in time which will turn out to be a conflict.

  • Lack of communication

When you don’t communicate everything and anything and you only talk rather than communicating and exchanging then the mutual ideas are never reached and comprehended. This will be one of the reasons for conflicts.

  • Lack of forgiveness

When you’re not ready to forgive your partner and go on nagging about every small mistake he or she makes.

There could be reasons galore for conflicts and there is one solution to all the problems and that is accepting your partner, loving him and communicating with her.