Celebrities who sought marriage counselling

Marriage Counselling
Marriage Counselling

Marriage counseling is a much needed phase by most of the couples in the present era. And this includes the celebrities, who are heard of clashes between the two partners. The clashes go to the extent that they become headlines for most of the leading newspapers.

Like most of the modern couples, these celebrities also have taken help from counselors to review and revive their marital relationship. For some of them the counseling has helped to bring things back on track, while for others it has given a hint that the bond would not continue for too long.

Some of the celebrity stories are:

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson

The couple started dating in 2009 and got married in 2011. Sometimes later the spark of attraction started getting weaker making them lose interest in each other. As soon as they realized this, they decided to move to a professional therapist and ensure that everything gets revived.

The effort worked wonders and the couple decided to live happily as they did in the initial days of their relationship.

The psychiatrist has suggested them to try new things so that the relationship works well and indeed it has after sincere efforts taken by the Gibsons.

Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart

The couple had a rift in heir marriage because Robert could not trust Kristen due to Infidelity by her. Kristen has been making all possible efforts to bring the old warmth back. The couple sought a therapist help to understand and introspect. The decision of moving to a counselor has helped them improve things for good.

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross

After they were heard of experiencing their relationship falling apart, the couple moved to a therapist which was strongly initiated by Rupert. The counseling sessions helped them to live under the same roof with their children and the man doesn’t want to leave his wife at any cost.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston:

This celebrity couple has been staying together since 1991, and they owe it all too counseling sessions they take. They strongly recommend such session for all those who are married for a happy and healthier life.

There are celebrity couples, who when understand the need of counseling surely go for one. This not only saves their marriage but also gives new meaning to this beautiful relationship. After all they are also like other couples who may go wrong and have the zeal to correct them as well.