Celebrities who Split in 2015


article-2259511-16CBCCA4000005DC-928_634x418Celebrities continue with their splitting spree into the year 2015. Materialism and Individualism has resulted in the increase in number of divorces around the world. The percentage of divorce is certainly much higher among the rich and famous because of the aforesaid causes.

When both the partners are too busy to have enough time for each other, it is difficult for a close personal bonding to develop. Hence you can see young ones going for divorce more easily than the older ones. Of late, the divorce bug seems to be also successful in biting the older celebrity couples.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk
Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his Russian supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk have split after five years of being together. Cristiano is now dating Spanish TV Reporter Lucia Vilalon who was seen celebrating with him after he received the prestigious Ballon d’Or win honor a third time. “My relationship with Irina Shayk has come to an end. We believed it would be best for both of us to take this step now”, said Cristiano, about his relationship status.

2) Robert Herjavec and Diane Plese
Robert Herjavec and Diane Plese were a couple for 25 years. They have three children, Caprice and Skye (daughters) and Brendan (son). They got married in 1990, but decided to split in 2015. In an interview given to TMZ, Robert confirmed that he and Diane are legally separated. He went on to say “Human relationships are so difficult. I wish nothing but love and peace for our family as we move forward from this”.

3) Jean-Claude Van Danne and Gladys Portugues Van Varenberg
Movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme has split with his wife of 15 years Gladys Portugues Van Varenberg. Jean-Claude is an action movie star and his wife Gladys is a professional body builder. They have two adult children. The couple was previously married in 1987 and then got separated in 1992. For Jean-Claude this is his 5th divorce.

4) Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

In another surprising split pro-golfer Tiger Woods and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn has called off their relationship after three years. This relationship was closely watched by Tiger’s fans the world over as he had gone through a bitter marital and professional set back prior to it.

In a statement Lindsey said: “After nearly three years together, Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship. Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart”, she said, blaming their hectic schedule for their break up. But she went on to add: “I will always admire and respect Tiger. He and his beautiful family hold a special place in my heart”.

5) Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder
Louis Tomlinson of One Direction split with his girlfriend of three years Eleanor Calder. According to their friend: “they both tried really hard to make it work but it was just impossible, he’s away for nine months a year and they just grew apart”. It is being reported that 22 year old Eleanor even flew over 20,000 miles from Australia to try and save their relationship.

Inspite of the break up, their friends believe that the couple could get back together soon. They believe that the two of them had so much going on between them that the break would only ignite more desire for each other.