Celebrity marriages are based on “If it’s my way or the high way”

Celebrity Marriage
Celebrity Marriage

Ever wondered why iconic lovers split only after a few years of marriage. People who looked crazily in love with each other hesitate to even cross the path of each other? Sad but true that ego engulfs the strong love and understanding that lays down the foundation of strong and stable marriages.

The challenges of celebrity marriages

  • This is found to be more prominent in celebrity marriages. We need to understand why this is true. Any relationship requires some sort of interdependence, mostly emotional. It requires two people to spend time with each other and make small compromises for the happiness of one another. Celebrities are by and large fiercely independent and generally have such an independent life style that anything that interferes their independence disturbs them.
  • Generally celebrities have a huge friend circle but very rarely are they close to anyone; under such circumstances anyone who fills that emotional void gives them the much required emotional assurance. However, with time they find it difficult to accommodate the presence of another person.
  • A relationship requires compromises and adjustments which celebrities find difficult to accommodate because they are very used to living life as per their own appointed way. After a point in time they give up on the adjustments and take the easier way out that is to get separated. After sometime they feel the same loneliness and find themselves looking for the same emotional assurance. This time they compare the new partners with their previous one to ensure that the history is not repeated, however, little do they realize that the problem is with them.

One must realize that compromises and adjustments are part of any relationship and the very foundation of strong relationships. One must appreciate that if you love someone then there is nothing wrong with making small changes to your life style if you really want the relationship to work or want your partner to be happy. If you do this then your partner will recognize it and appreciate it. You will get immense respect and love for that and you’ll also realise that your partner is also trying to accept and adjust as per your life style. It develops healthy expectations between partners and restores faith in each other and also establishes incredible understanding. Remember that it’s important that both the partners adjust to each other’s lifestyle, if only one person does it then it puts a lot of strain on the other person.