Dealing with a spouse having an alter ego

Alter Ego
Alter Ego

There are individuals who have a “second personality”, which is other than the normal one which is mostly seen by people.

For others, he or she could be like any other person but for the spouse who experiences two different personalities being lived by the same person, it is actually quite challenging and suturing at the same time.

However, if you have a spouse with this “challenge” then you may follow the suggestions written below:

Consult a psychologist or a therapist

The first time when you realize that your spouse has an “alter ego”, compose yourself and move to a psychologist or a therapist. This is the right place for you and your partner. You will get prompt and viable suggestions from an expert who will help you to move ahead and handle things well.

Avoid getting irritated

It is quite natural that your spouse talks in two different languages at two points of time. Is natural to get irritated and amazed at what he or she does. But, control your irritation and make your spouse feel comfortable about changing personalities. Actually he is not aware of the changes he undergoes so, you have to be patient in handling the two of the personalities.

Grease the elbow of your spouse

This can work wonders as your spouse will feel confident about himself or herself by getting little support from you.

Provide comfort to your spouse

The rest of the world may humiliate your loved one, but, you have to provide adequate support and make extend the feeling that it is quite normal to think the way he does. With this gesture you will help him recover this personality disorder and lead a normal life.

Be normal while the other one is abnormal           

When your spouse talks in the shoes of two different personalities he is not aware of it, but you are, so make sure you change your role accordingly.

Being a faithful partner, the onus lies on you to ensure that the switching over is handled smartly by you. Success lies in holding a relationship not in coming out of it. Today if your partner has one set of problems, tomorrow you might have another. So, take medical help, go deep don into the problem and try to sort it out as comfortable as possible.