Dealing with an affair between your best friend and your husband

Wife betrayed by husband
Wife betrayed by husband

Dealing with husband’s affair is quite hard. The pain is compounded when this affair is with your best friend. Generally depend on their best friends to get a support in such a situation. When this support is not there the pain and agony gets multiplied.

Sense of betrayal gets aggravated and heart and mind is filled with hatred and sorrow. You are not in a position to trust any other friend in life at least till the time you are able to overcome the pain.

You start recalling those days when you introduced your husband to your best friend for the first time. All the moments start flashing before your eyes, all three of you had spent and enjoyed together.

At the same time you start recollecting facts when you mistook their association as “a husband and a friend”. Now you realize that the private discussions they had was not about you rather about them.

Saving the marriage

After encountering the betrayal you have to analyze the situation and decide if you want to stay back into the marital relationship or come out of it. If there are no kids then the decision making process becomes easier. Also, you have to check how deep the relationship between the people has gone. If it is not too deep and your husband realizes his mistake then you may consider him to come back to you. Otherwise, if you think that he may bounce back in future again then you may refrain yourself from saving the relationship.

Saving your friendship

Here, you will have to understand things rationally. If it is a long relationship and the friend has been with you through thick and thin then you may reconsider her in your life. If you think she has caused you the harm with all her intentions then breaking up is a good option. Otherwise you may not trust her for the rest of your life in spite of being in a relationship with her. Her realization will count a lot in this kind of situation.

Saving yourself

You can make any of the above decisions only if you keep yourself intact. Give yourself time to think and forgive them to be peaceful from within. If you carry on with the pain and anger, other relationships and walks would be adversely affected.

Dealing with a difficult situation like this needs a lot of rational thinking.