Dealing with Infidelity


If one is a victim of infidelity then the feeling would be one of intense betrayal and a tragedy that has been overwhelmed with fear, depression and loneliness. There is frustration to the point of a volcanic anger that necessarily arouses resentment.
A pragmatic view would suggest that the leads to recovery become very slim and there is a permanent cripple to the entire relationship. Reconciliation is a distant dream and compatibility will always be in doubt. However, if one is prepared with a thought in the very beginning of a relationship that relationship standards can change and temptations can creep in then the infidelity against such betrayals can be better prepared.
Infidelity does not happen after a one evening meeting. Therefore, the complete surprise sets in with the revelation. Such instances occur when one is not guided by the values of life. Once a person begins to doubt the protective element in the values taught during the years of growing up, it is then that the person stumbles and creates the right conditions to achieve the inconceivable act of unfaithfulness. Be sure that too much emphasis on religious teachings may not help in the present generation and also in the years to come. This is so because an affair gives an illusion of enlightenment to many, especially in times of increased pressures of life to perform both in office and at home.

Whatever the case and version from either side who have been involved in an infidelity imbroglio, the outcome is tragic to the point of an outburst. It is, therefore, that much more difficult to control emotions both expressed and hidden. At this point of time one may be inclined to think about an infidelity with brief permanency. Or so to say, brief affair or even a one night stand. True, a night stand can be a one-off occurrence but beware that the conditions that were created to set aside the inhibitions could be generated again as there are no guiding principles to prevent such infidelity acts.
So is the case with short term relationships because now the person has professionally graduated to creating the right kind of climate in his or her mind and by instinct will tend to participate in such kind of relationships. To tackle these cases the other partner has to be incredibly strong mentally to stay put and be ready to build the relationship from scratch.
To deal with infidelity, one has to be sure of the emotional needs the person is deriving out of the relation. In case one is still able to appreciate the value of the relationship even after the rock bottom status then it will be a unique understanding and leverage of the mind that requires applause for attaining such levitation.