Discussion: Adultery may be a reason for losing jobs of Federal Workers?


Ashley Madison Agency is an online dating site in Canada founded in 2002 by Darren Morgenstern. This site is mostly used by the people who are married or committed people in extra-marital affairs or chat. This agency is the world’s largest online dating site, of which helps people who are already committed but interested in dates.

adultery losing jobs

Many people had fun through this site secretly, without their partner’s attention. But, this site became more popular in 2015, when hackers had hacked all the information of customers of this site and threatened the site owners of Ashley Madison and Avid Life Media site, to close online sites permanently. If they had not obeyed their condition, they curtly mentioned all the data of their site would be released.

Many people, applied fees to site owners to delete their accounts permanently, that info also got hacked and hackers threatened to release the info of CEO emails also. After that, CEO had voluntarily withdrawn his membership.

As soon as this report is in news, there is also another report that nearly 13000 Federal employees also used their emails for accessing Ashley Madison site. Then so many questions aroused that “What type of punishments would be for Federal Employees for adultery?”

But, the rules for using computers vary according to their usage. They may be fired if they are habituated in adultery during working hours. But, any government employee shouldn’t have any extra-marital affair. Here, the issue is, the accounts which are used by the employees in government computers, may or may not have affairs, as mostly fake accounts are created without their knowledge.

Joseph Kaplan, a federal employment attorney, stated that, “It would be really unfair to fire employees just for visiting the site without any perfect proof or fraud complaint against them.” Almost 13000 accounts are found using Ashley Madison, are belonging to the domains used in government or the military. But, it would be really hard to find who had used and created accounts.

Remembering an important point is, not to confirm that whatever email you had found on that site had extra-marital affair. As anyone create account in that site using your email or your name. So, we cannot decide without any clue, as the account may be created when you are single also.

There are nearly thousands of women profiles are found in Ashley Madison site. But 90% are found fake when they are verified, which clearly states that most of the accounts are fake which are created to promote their site, or for using pranks.

In Ashley Madison site, there is clause added in terms and conditions that, many of the accounts were created here are for only entertainment and fun. So, most of them were be not interested in personal meetings or hooking up. So, reporters took this as evidence and can declare that most of the accounts are fraud created by admin or any other bot.

Hackers threatened to reveal the data they found on this site. Hence Ashley Madison, were the names of two females, used for an online site is closed, to avoid further complications.