Do I have the tips to read my husband?

Fishy husband
Fishy husband

Yes I do have. In spite of living with my husband for years now, I always find something special about him rather something strange and new. I realize that even if shares everything with me, he hides a great deal too.

I have every reason to think that way; after all he is out of my sight for the whole of the day. And I have also heard that men are the last creatures to be trusted completely.

Now let me share few tips of reading his mind:

Has he become more passionate in the bed?

Or else he poses to be one, if that’s the case and I don’t see any miracle happening in our lives I see no reason for him to get better off with this art all on a sudden. So there is a possibility that he has someone else in mind and me in arms.

Has he started visiting the parlors more than ever before?

Since I know him for years now, I know he is a person who is not going to spend a lot on grooming himself, but off late he is too careful about his looks and dressing sense. I don’t find it quite normal to how he generally goes to his office, probably I can smell something.

Has he started moving out early and returns back late?

My husband has only two places in the world, the home and the office. But these days he makes it a point to leave early and takes longer to return. Knowing him, he is neither workaholic nor prompts in reaching office, so there must be some reason for this “new sincerity” of his.

Has he started describing every possible thing of his workplace?

I know he has never been too communicative, now suddenly if he has started informing every possible detail he experiences that makes me think twice if he is into something else or things are going on normally.

Has he started smiling more than he did?

Knowing him well, he is one of those types who consider smiling to be a task, but these days he smiles more often and that smile has something more behind in store. I not sure if he has some new development in his life.

I do trust my husband, but living with him for years now, I know his traits quite well. I can sense the changes in his body and mind faster than a detector could have. He makes a false attempt to hide things out from me but he can’t do it for long.


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