Do men tend to go astray before becoming rich?

man moving away from spouse

They say that when men get richer they change their minds and even their hearts. And this is a common expression mostly coming from the women folk. In many of the cases it has been observed that the marital bond falls apart when a man reaches greater heights in life. The combination which has been working out almost in the best possible manner seems to be a “misfit” after one of the partners and especially the man has achieved his dreams.

What do people think about it?

People mostly have experienced that a man is more honest and loyal towards his wife till the time he is struggling in life. After he has made a place for himself and gradually moves away from these traits when he is financially established in life or have reached greater heights. He tends to get more focussed with his work because that is what let him grow in life and in the process the personal front takes a toll. He starts spending less time with spouse and children.

What could be the extreme?

The extreme could be moving away completely from the old relationship, especially the marital one. He may find his existing wife to be no more suitable and competent to walk along and may quit the bond at any time. He may find her a “misfit” in his life and could possibly want to get into a new relationship with the advent of new definition to his achievements. The way he changes his house, his car, his wardrobe and other possessions, he may also be highly interested in changing the person too. After all, he begins to live with the thought that his affordability range has increased much wider than it used to be before.

Is he alone responsible for the situation?

Probably not, even if the contribution is in small quantity the wife and to some extent the children too could be playing a role in this transformation of men. There have been cases when the wife either cribs about the hardship or even if she does not crib; maybe she expresses her wish for a better life economically. And somewhere this is one of the root causes why a man turns out to be much more ambitious than he actually has been. The hidden desires coming from family is a major contributor to the problem.

Getting big in life is certainly not a small achievement, but, men have been found to change their preferences after they attain heights. The ignorance towards family and mostly towards wife could be unintentional and demand of the hour but ultimately it makes the relationship suffer and can even lead to dissolution of the same. The wife still expects her man to come home on time and have dinner with family, but, the man prefers to have one with the client which would lead to making another round of dollars. This gap in expectation and fulfilment of the same is the core of all the issues in relationship.