Do you have pre-nuptial doubts? Think and step back

Pre-nuptial doubts
Pre-nuptial doubts

The decision of marrying a person is quite time taking and risky too. A person generally explores and analyses for long before making up his or her mind.

Even if the decision is made, there are cases when people do not feel confident about marrying the selected person. One must have dated for some time at east before zeroing down. But, people are yet found to be jittery about their decision. They don’t seem to be quite sure about the marriage which could be round the corner.

Should you marry even if not being sure?

When your day of marriage comes closer you might have unusual feelings in your tummy, some may refer it to the excitement you’re having in the name of a new relationship. However, if this unusually is not quite pleasing and you’re not sure about tying the knots, you should have the courage to come out of it. Instead of ruining two lives it is always advisable to end before it begins.

Are you feeling guilty to come out of it?

You shouldn’t, rather it’s a matter of understanding and handling personal issues which always suggest looking into the future problems which may arise out of your marriage. After all you’re getting married for a better and emotionally stable; life, so why should you invite troubles?

Also, studies conducted reveal that most of the cases wherein doubts were prominent before marriage, land up struggling for their fate in court room. Hopefully you don’t want to be included in one of these surveys.

Speak to the would be partner

There is no harm in communicating your feelings to your spouse to be. Everything can be sorted out if both of you think carefully and sort out amongst yourselves.

Think rationally and step out

It is very important that you think, analyze and make decisions without any fear of being judged. After all, these judgements do not have a long life but your pain and stress would leave a permanent mark on you. So, decide before it gets too late and step out of it so that you don’t contribute to a disastrous marriage

Living a wrong decision is always less preferred than making one. Step out of something you really don’t want to be a part of.