Do you really need to spy on your spouse?

Spouse or Spy
Spouse or Spy?

Marriage is the union of the soul of two people. They become a part of each other after they get married. This relationship is one of its own kinds as it requires a lot of trust and emotional support for its survival. In the absence of trust, even if love exists it would hold no meaning.

However, there are phases in every union so it is in a marital relationship too. There might be a time if life when you will feel the need of spying your partner.

Probable causes of spying


  • Infidelity


When you get a hint that your spouse could be involved with someone else and you’re not able to confront him or directly then you feel the necessity of spying on him.


  • Asset related issues


When you get a hint that your spouse might be using your money unnecessarily and trying to take undue advantage of your estate which you have built up with a lot pain, then you will think of seeing to find out the exact thought process in his mind.


  • Spouse spends more than required


When you see that your spouse is springing more money than it is required and the reasons are unknown to you, then you get tempted to spy on him.


  • When he comes late


When you see that your spouse is coming late for quite some time now and you know it for sure that he is not spending time with any your know resources then you may surely get tempted to spy.

Is it really a good idea to spy?

The answer from most of the respondents would be a “No”. No matured and experienced individual will give you the advice of spying on your spouse under any given circumstances.

When he comes to know that he was being spied then you will lose trust, respect and love in his eyes. It could be for e genuine reason that he was doing things which he or she never did before. Due to some reservations he could not express the same to you. This also indicates that you need to be more of friend than a spouse to make him or her feel comfortable sharing with you.

Spying can ruin your relationship as it has in quite a few cases. Be careful in using this tool as it has a boomeranging effect.