Does Male Ego Destroy a Marriage?


egoEgo though a small word but has a very powerful meaning. It can kill any relationship. There is a little bit of ego in every man. Ego is the greatest hurdle in the existence of love and harmony in the world. Many countries, families, societies have been destroyed due to ego. The ego of politicians and leaders has led to wars, thus destroying mankind.

Effects of ego:

Ego is such an emotion which blocks all logical thinking. When ego dominates in a person, it kills the rest of his human feelings. If one can kill his ego, he can escape from facing disaster in life.

Ego in Marriage:
Marriage is concerned about ‘we’ and ego is concerned about ‘I’ only. This feeling of ego is enough reason to initiate a confrontation between the spouses. Whatever might be the reason for problem between the husband and wife, ego acts like a catalyst to the problem. Ego is the root of many problems in man.

Ego is more prominent in man:

Though ego exists in both man and woman, but in the present day society, men suffer more from it compared to women.

Reasons behind the development of male ego:

The male ego develops due to the upbringing of men in the male-dominant society. Here men are taught to win over women throughout their lives. Losing to a woman is looked upon like lack of power and reason to feel ashamed. The society is responsible for poisoning the mind of men to dominate women in life.

Methods to control male ego:

The following ways are effective to win over your male ego –

  1. Regularly promise yourself to control your male ego. A strong determination is the key factor to control your ego.
  2. Collect more information regarding your wife’s problems to express a humble attitude towards her. Gather facts about her daily activities and appreciate her positive characters. The more you know her, the better you will understand her. This will help to decrease your egoistic attitude.
  3. During a conflict between both of you, allow her to express herself. Ego conflicts arise when a man does not listen to his wife and draws  a conclusion based his personal opinion.
  4. Think logically whether your ego arises when your emotions and wrong ideas fill your minds. Sometimes a weak character gives birth to ego. A man with a strong logical reasoning is not guided by his emotions.
  5. Give the interests of your wife a priority. The opinion of others about your wife might create tension in your married relation.
  6. Deep love and affection towards your wife is the best way to control your ego towards your wife.
  7. Having patience will decrease your worries and neglecting petty matters will help you. It will bring you peace and happiness in your family.