Does the younger generation prefer to have hook ups than a romantic relationship?

Romance or Hook Up
Romance or Hook Up
Romance or Hook Up

The preferences of younger generation have been changing with time. There was a time when a young person preferred to follow his or “loved one” without letting the partner know, they did things quietly for each other, they admired each other by hiding behind the walls of college rooms and did many such activities which were not noticed by the other partner. They did things not making them too loud but it looked “cute” in its own way.

How has the time changed now?

The time has changed now and so has the concept of “relationships” in college. There was a time when many of the first year college students fell in love only after entering the college, mostly these relationships took a permanent shape and hence was a lifetime event.

Now, much before the student enters the college he or she already have an experience of “falling for someone” or even making love. So mingling or interacting with another partner is certainly not a new experience for them.

Romance or Hook ups?

The million dollar question asked by many is whether the relationship is more towards “romance” or “a hook up”.

Some say, with changing times the romance in these relationships has taken a back seat and has been replaced by materials.

Some others believe that even the present day relationship is quite romantic, it is just that the meaning of the same has changed and so has the face of it. The admiration which happened from behind the walls has now been taken over by a “bold romance” where even girls take a lot of initiative in approaching a boy. They don’t mind exploring each other physically and even changing their partners if they get bored or they don’t meet up each other’s expectations.

The younger generation find romance in all this and for them even if it is hook up they don’t mind it.

Why has the trend changed?

The trend has changed due to exposures to the new generation, the availability of resources and also the need of the hour. When they see everyone changing with time they cannot stay back in the “olden times”.  After all, they believe in freedom of making choices even if it comes to selecting a partner either for a “romantic purpose” or for a “hook up” or even for a “long term relationship.”

All they know is the “satisfaction” and happiness which should come their way at whatever cost it can.

Hook ups are more prominent with the younger generation for the “independent thought process” they bear. They find romance in all these activities they take up; they find themselves more in a comfortable position when they are with a “college mate” of their choice. For many it could be “overbearing”, but, there are yet another set of people who find it absolutely n congruence with the changing social concept. After all, in relationships there is nothing absolutely “wrong” or “right”, rather it is just there.