Don’t Slip-up Your Lasting Love


2490-LastingLoveTitleGetting into a new relationship is like jumping off a plane for skydiving. You are not sure of the final outcome but there is a certain level of hope that motivates you to go for it. Not all such leaps are successful. More often than not you realize your jump was in vain. But there are occasions when you end up in a long and lasting relationship. Many just take this big jump because they don’t like to remain single and lonely anymore.

As you grow up you start desiring to have someone with whom you can share your life with. But there are times when a relationship starts off well but ends with bitterness. There are various reasons why relationships don’t necessarily last long. These are some of them:

Choosing the Wrong Reason to Start a Relationship

When the mind is crowded with thoughts of loneliness and possibly heart break, it is easy to be misled into choosing a relationship that is just not right. While considering a possible relation, consider the reason and motive behind the acceptance. Make sure the approval is based on a genuine liking for the person and not as a distraction from life’s other problems 

According to Dr Jane Greer, the author of, What About Me? Stop Selfishness from Ruining Your Relationship, “Some wrong reasons for getting into a relationship are agreeing to go out just because he’s more interested in it than you are and that is making you feel guilty, starting a new relationship only because all of your friends are dating someone, and being with someone just to feel secure with a partner rather than for the feelings you have for that particular guy.” These are all wrong reasons why you should have a relationship and it is better for you to sit back and wait for the right person and opportunity to come by and not jump into a wrong relationship.

Not considering true feelings

It takes time to understand who a person really is. Someone’s facets and complexities are only revealed after a certain period of time spent together rather than at first sight. Therefore, it is important to assess the feelings towards that person before committing. Connect with your inner self, and hold on to its values. It is better to be alone and happy than to be in a sad relationship. Wait for that special someone to come by and you can live happily.

Not knowing what you’re looking for

It is essential to have some bench mark about your potential mate. Once you are convinced about the kind of person you want to share your “happily ever after” with, then don’t waver. Plan out you fairy tale relationship and watch out for that charming prince/princess to come by.

The formula

Unfortunately, there is no fairytale formula to find true love. You should combine your instinct with the standards you have set and then chose what you feel is the best at that time. Be sincere in love and give it all you have got while keeping a safe distance and looking to read between the lines so that you are not pulled into a wrong relationship for the rest of your life.