Emotional Infidelity leads to Incompatibility

Emotional Infidelity and Incompatiblity
Emotional Infidelity and Incompatibility

Emotional infidelity starts when you are emotionally or physically dissatisfied with your marriage or relationship. You start feeling more connected to someone other than your partner. You feel a kind of happiness which you think you have been looking for, you feel so addicted to the feeling that you stop realizing that fine line of difference between what’s wrong and what’s right. You don’t even care about how the feelings of the person you so dearly loved are getting hurt.  Then comes the big moment of truth, you admit that you need to end one of the relationships.

It is not just difficult but equally complicated to handle such situations. First of all you have to deal with your own guilt and secondly you cannot figure out whether the stagnancy in your current relationship is temporary or the weird unexplained happiness that your feeling in the other relationship is temporary.  Whatever you choose you sure are going to break someone’s heart. Also remember not to step into the other person’s shoes and try and feel how it feels to undergo the pain.

Here is a piece of truth, “infidelity” is unforgivable. If you are not happy with your relationship, ensure that you have given enough effort to correct things, introspect, and talk to friends who have been into stable relationships, seek advice and most importantly talk to your partner.

Remember she/ he is the same person you so deeply fell in love with. Think about the times you guys were happy with each other, the reasons why you chose to be together. Accept the fact that no one is perfect and you fell in love with your partner for the king of person he/she was.

However, if even after trying all this you still think that you have changed as a person and you are no happier with your partner then talk it out and end things on a mature note. You are then free to look out for the kind of person you think you can be happy with, however here’s a question and this one is a biggie, do you think that after sometime you may start feeling the same way about the new relationship too?

Remember a relationship needs to be nurtured; it needs to stand all the seasons rough and smooth. This requires efforts from both the person in the relationship. If you can do this successfully you will enjoy a blissful, rewarding and fulfilling relationship.