Empathy and Compassion – Fundamental Ingredients of a Successful Relation


 What is empathy?
Empathy is an emotional capacity to feel what the other is feeling. It denotes the accuracy in “reading” the thoughts of one’s partner. Statistics reveal that couples who can read each other’s feelings especially at the time of disagreement are very happy with their overall relations. But the same has to be from both sides.

Ways of becoming empathic:
There are ways of partners to become empathic with one another. There can be several methods for creating empathy between partners. Empathy is more common to some partners than others. Some of the conditions necessary for fostering empathy are as follows –
• Reasonable mental health.
• Empathic family background.
• Working collaboratively in parenting children.
• Low levels of external stress.
• A fair division of labor between partners.
• Childhood attachment of a partner to his parents.

• Addressing issues between partners.

Hurdles in the way of becoming empathic:
• Becoming parents increases opportunities for clashes between partners.
• Partners whose caretakers dismissed their childhood are more anxious and they find it more difficult to be empathic.
• If both partners’ parents were typically conflicting and very often insulted one another, it will be more difficult for the couple to establish a good relation.

What is compassion?
Compassion is basically empathy in action. Compassion is the concern one feels for another’s welfare. It can be referred to as soft-heartedness which is found to occur. Recent studies say that compassion is rooted in our brain and biology.
When young children as well as adults feel compassion for others, this emotion is reflected in very real physiological changes that occur in their body.

Reasons behind occurrence of compassion in human beings:
There is oxytocin, a hormone that is found in the human blood. That is responsible for compassion. Being compassionate makes a chemical change in the body. There are several signs of compassion in the human body. Previous research has already discovered that certain touches can trigger the release of oxytocin, which is responsible for compassion. Studies have revealed that compassion can be communicated through touch.
Being able to connect with each other emotionally is very vital to build a strong relationship that would last for long. Developing compassion and empathy offers a great security for a long-lasting relationship. Compassion and empathy are often regarded as gifts which people share throughout their lives to make good relations.