End your marriage with a happy note

Separate with a good note
Separate with a good note

Separating from your spouse is one of the hard realities of life. There are many marriages which survive for a considerable period of time before dying down.

It may happen so that one of you is not prepared for the same whereas the other partner has already made up his mind. He might have fallen in love with someone else or he might have any other reason best known to him.

Here, when the news is broken to you by your partner you might get a shock. Hence the one who is breaking the news have to act quite carefully and respect your feelings which are still there for the relationship.

Ending the marriage would be difficult for both of you but you can always decide upon the ways to part.

Things can be handled maturely rather than making them murkier. Remember that it was the same person you fell in love with and spent you precious years. It was the same person who had lent a great support in your odds days. It was the same person who fathered your children or borne the children for you.

Hence respecting the past for a peaceful future is very important and should be the base of a “graceful separation.”

When you are hit by the news your self-esteem goes down, there is anger in you and resentment too. Give yourself some time and speak to you partner about your feelings.

If you think you need an expert advice, consult a counselor who would at least make both of you talk out the problem if not make any other contribution to improve things between two of you.

Sometimes talking in front of a counselor may revive the relationship bringing it back on track. The reason could be, the counselor understands things from a third person’s view which is absolutely independent and not relative. Hence you may get viable solution.

Otherwise if your final decision is to get ways parted then thank each other for spending time together and making invaluable contributions to each others life. Appreciate the support rendered to each other, the memories you gathered together when you were dating and even after marriage. Talk about the beautiful feeling you shared when you’re blessed with your first child. There are many more things you can recall together instead of parting ways one sour note.

Look at the sweetness of the relationship rather than the bitterness; this would help you coping up with the separation better.