Fighting Ego to Keep Healthy Atmosphere in the Family


happy-family-300x199Some families remain happy and successful while others seem to fall apart. The fact is, every family appears to be perfect in the open, but behind closed doors they all face some kind of problem or the other. It is just that some know how to deal with their problems and help each other overcome their shortcomings while others just allow things to drift from bad to worse.

There are various problems that cause stress within a family. One such ‘problem’ is “Ego”. This 3 letter word has colossal power to break even the strongest of family ties!

Ego Effect

Few people are totally under the control of their ego. They act like they are absolutely certain that they are always right and everyone else is completely wrong. They seek superiority, power and self-importance even at the cost of hurting others around them.

Ego can negatively affect a person’s life:

  • Selfishness and greed become imbibed into our personality and this can lead to a state in which a person feels entitled to get whatever he wants in through any ways and means available to achieve it
  • Arrogance in intellectual matters can make the person believe that he is right and is justified in all paths he takes to achieve his goals.

It destroys the family

Ego clashes within a family often drag the family members into a pit of despair, an unending hurricane of chaos. Egoistic individuals sap the life force of their dear ones until there is nothing left. They become so self-centred and selfish that they no longer care about their family. Such individuals have to be given special attention.

Family members should not allow such a person to get out of hand. When such a situation arises in a family, they should cry foul. It is the responsibility of the family to nip the problem in the bud by stopping the person from destroying their family life any further.

Ego in Check

The problem with ego is that it keeps us trapped in the past. It keeps rehashing our mistakes and regrets. Ego results in separation. It separates us from the present and from those who share the present with us.

The obvious question would then be what can we do to clear the atmosphere of ego? Gabrielle Bernstein, a motivational speaker says, “Whenever you’re afraid; its proof that you’ve turned your back on love and chosen to have faith in the ego”. Love is the cure that helps us out of the loop of negativity. It is the emotion that will give a whole new perspective with which we see the world.

The feelings of satisfaction and gratefulness can be stepping stones on our path to getting rid of the ego. Being grateful for the simple things that life gives us can go a long way in keeping in check the pointless obstacles and the anger that the ego throws across your path.

Virtue: Self-respect

To inculcate self-respect that is neither too much nor too little is the solution. This would enable you to respect others as well as yourself. The “I”s and “Me”s that stem from your ego can be reduced by a cordial dose of self-esteem and mutual respect.