Financial independence among women and compatibility issues

Women and compatibility

10th October: Financial independence and increasing confidence levels in women are leading to compatibility issues in relationships.

Confident, professional women and compatibility–Women, these days, are becoming increasingly career-oriented. And this has certainly resulted making them less compatible as partners.

Reason? For today’s woman, marital relations don’t bother so much as they did a couple of decades ago. And financial independence along with higher confidence among women has lowered their resilience levels. All this is having a direct impact on compatibility in relationships.

Women and compatibilityCompatibility in relationships—declining trend–Compatibility is the very basis of any relationship. And great relationships can only happen when there is compatibility between the partners. With women becoming more and more career-oriented, they seem to give higher importance to their work.

And when both the partners are working, they have less time for each other. So, this does affect a couple’s relationship.

Women becoming less tolerant—Tolerance levels in women are declining these days as they are becoming more confident and pursuing their careers. They are, no longer, ready to be at the receiving end. And this has increased separation and divorces among partners. And it may be attributed to increasing financial independence of the women.

Changing priorities of women–Priorities have changed for women. As compared to the earlier times when woman’s sole priority was being a home maker. So, her life revolved basically around her husband, children and her home.

But, now days, with more and more women taking to career, marriage relationships between a wife and a husband are nothing but a competition. Ego clashes between the couples are a common norm leading to a higher rate of divorces.

Levels of stress has gone up while patience of women has gone down considerably as they want to enjoy their life to the full and not just consign them to household chores and duties.

So, it is not uncommon to see couples’ marriages falling apart within a year of their marriage. And that’s because both the partners are busy chasing their professional careers finding almost little or no time to save their marriage from breaking.

Its high time we take a serious concern on the issue of careers taking precedence over values of love, affection and compatibility in a relationship.


  1. This must be written by some man…only guy can think like this..Its said that only woman has to adjust..cmon..if you have daughter wont you want her to do best in her academics and get some high profile job.. To work relationship both are equally responsible. Just dont put all burden on women. with time you have to change.