Finding long-lasting love—A new approach

Long-lasting relations

3rd November:  With marriages coming to an end in much shorter periods of time, we feel alarmed to find the reason behind such failing marriages and to find a new approach for long-lasting love.

Relationships are becoming not only difficult but also quite stressful now days. And to a certain extent, these could be attributed to mis-matches between couples. This clearly brings us to the fact that marriage to a person not suited to you is likely to end up in a breakup sooner or later.

Long-lasting relationsHow to enjoy a long-lasting relationship?–So, the question that lies before us is how to avoid such happenings and keep our marriage from falling apart. The gist is choosing our partner with care and attention.

This goes beyond falling for physical attraction because a true love is based on the foundations of commitment and compatibility of the partners in a relationship. And its the key to a happy and a lasting relationship.

Steps to find lasting love—Here are some basic steps to find the lasting love of your life—

  • Protect intimacy of your relationship—This is a basic requirement for any relationship to survive and thrive for a long time. We should not share each and every detail about our relationship with people. Any problems faced by couples should be spared from being discussed with your family members.
  • Watch your words—Another key ingredient of having a happy, a healthy and a long-lasting relationship is to watch what you say to your spouse or your partner. Remember, whatever you say has a direct impact (positive or negative) on your partner. So, we must take care to use only those words that will nurture our relationship positively.
  • Leave feelings of inadequacy—If you have feelings of inadequacy within yourself, you are more likely to fall in for someone who can make big commitments without fulfilling these.
  • Accept and resolve bad feelings—We, as human beings, are likely to have bad feelings for others and there is nothing abnormal about this. However, the need is to resolve such destructive or negative feelings by accepting and understanding them. Only then can we look forward to staying in love forever.