Gratitude Expressions Key to Positive Marital Outcomes—Study


Say 'Thank you' To Your Spouse for a Happy Marriage30th October: Gratitude is, indeed, the secret to a happy marriage, say the latest study findings.

Yes, that’s quite true.

Gratitude—secret to a happy marriage—Do you want to know the secret to a happy marriage? Well, its gratitude. That’s right. Gratitude, that is, the degree to which one feels valued and appreciated by one’s spouse, is the top ingredient for a happy married life.

And this has been revealed by the findings of a latest study.

<blockquote> Gratitude has been rated to be top ingredient for enjoying a happy marriage, as per the latest study findings. </blockquote>

Spousal expression of gratitude has been quoted as the key ingredient for enjoying a good married life. It is stated to be the most significant and consistent predictor of the quality of married life.

Struggling with financial distress?—Are you struggling with financial distress as a couple and involved in negative interactions? The answer to finding a solution is spousal expression of gratitude. In fact, this has been revealed by the University of Georgia researchers in a latest study.

The higher the levels of gratitude expressions, the higher are the chances of securing marital commitment of women in a marriage, the study maintains. The study findings are published in a journal named Person Relationships.

Feeling appreciated by one’s spouse and believing that you are valued by your spouse has a direct and a positive influence on one’s feelings about marriage. This was affirmed by as associate professor in College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Ted Futris.

The researchers claimed that gratitude is instrumental in promoting positive marital outcomes even during distress.

Say ‘thank you’ to your spouse for a happy marriage—So, its just a simple solution for having a happy married life. Say ‘thank you’ to your spouse. This was revealed by the current postdoctoral research associate at the UGA Centre for Family Research and lead author, Allen Barton. ‘Thank you’ has the power of making a marriage work.

The findings are based on the survey of 500 married people taking part in it.

Participants were asked about different things like financial well-being, spousal gratitude expression, demand or withdraw communication. The study showed that when any partner tends to criticize, demand or nag and the other partner avoids or withdraws confrontation as a response, then the couples experience withdraw/demand communication.

The study is the first to document the positive effect for marriages by feeling appreciated by your spouse.