Gratitude key to Marital Bliss-Study

Gratitude key to Marital Bliss-Study

16th August: An attitude of gratitude is the key to marital bliss, says a recent study.

Yes, that’s true.

Gratitude key to Marital Bliss-StudyAttitude of gratitude key to marital bliss—An attitude of gratitude is key to marital bliss. This has been revealed by a recent study findings. Yes, that’s quite true. So for those wanting to know the secret to marital bliss, the study finds the answer. Its two-letter word, thank-you. Simple, isn’t it? Indeed, it is.

Saying “thank you” can simply counteract the effect of all negative and conflicting encounters in married relationships.

Feeling appreciated gives great feeling about marriage—Feeling appreciated and having a belief that your spouse values you is great for marriage. Yes. That’s what the findings of a recent study published in “Personal Relationships” journal reveal.

If you believe that you are valued by your spouse, then it also influences how committed you are to marriage. This was stated by the co-author of the study, Ted Futris.

Futris along with his colleagues had polled nearly 500 married individuals on the subject of relationship satisfaction. This was through a telephonic survey. The questions were asked regarding financial well-being, expression of spousal attitude and withdraw/demand communication.

Gratitude was measured by the feeling of being appreciated and valued by your spouse.

Higher levels of gratitude and protective impact on men/women probability for divorce—another interesting fact brought forth by the recent study was that higher levels of gratitude in marriages had a protective effect on men/women’s probability for divorce. So, thankfulness increased women’s marital commitment. It also offered protection against negative impact of poor communication during any conflict.

The study highlighted the biggest sign of marital unhappiness as financial distress.

This is the first study ever to show the protective impact of appreciation by your spouse on marriages. It is quite common to see that couples engage in negative manner. Moreover, they seem to be increasingly critical of each other. This, undoubtedly, lowers the quality of marriage. Expression of gratitude in the married relationship, on the other hand, is a sure tool enabling couples overcome negative communication patterns.

Lead author of the study, Allen Barton, who is also a former doctoral student in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, said that its significant that the study shows a practical way for couples to strengthen their marital bond.