Growing divorce rates- Reasons


The United States holds the record for the highest divorce rate at 53%. But there are countries with divorce rates higher than this. Spain, Portugal and Hungary have divorce rates at a shocking 60% whereas Belgium has a notoriously high divorce rate of 70%. The lowest officially recorded divorce rate was 3% in Chile.

What would it be like, marrying in a country where almost 70% of marriages would end in divorce? What is the reason for such highest tolls of divorces? Should we blame it on individuals or the entire nation?

When it comes to relationship issues one cannot really blame an individual. Especially with the digital age and modernization playing a major role as an influence on the minds of people, there can be more than one reason for a relationship coming to an end.

Times have changed and so have the mind set of individuals. Everyone is looking out for a partner and everyone wants a better and happier life. This constant search has led to the kind of thinking where individuals no longer feel guilty about ending a relationship. While lying and infidelity hurt one partner, the other partner has his/her own reasons for the same.

Family bonding has decreased due to divorce rates. Divorced parents come together just for the sake of the child. The child would be lucky if his /her parents can co-parent harmoniously, which the case is rarely. With modernization, relationships have become less serious and with stress in the work field individuals are majorly looking for the fun quotient in relationships. So when a relationship does not give them their needs, individuals easily break it off and move on. It is the thought that there will be plenty of chances that is leading to instant breakups and instant patch-ups. Understanding and nurturing relationships are harder to find and the ones that find it are the ones that are happily married. Before setting out to find an understanding partner, one needs to understand oneself first.

The reasons for least divorce rates cannot be framed entirely. Living and getting married in Chile does not mean that your marriage is very unlikely to end. After all, these percentages in countries do not promise healthy/unhealthy relationships.  It’s just that other countries have divorce rates higher than them because of the kind of culture and the amount of western influence.

Countries with Highest Divorce Rates

  • Belgium – 71%
  • Portugal – 68%
  • Hungary – 67%
  • Czech Republic – 66%
  • Spain – 61%
  • Luxemburg – 60%
  • Estonia – 58%
  • Cuba – 56%
  • France – 55%
  • USA – 53%

Countries with Lowest Divorce Rates

  • Libya – .24%
  • Georgia – .36%
  • Mangolia – .38%
  • Chile – .42%
  • Armenia – .42%
  • Italy – .47%
  • Mexico – .48%
  • El Salvador – .49
  • Macedonia – .51%
  • Turkey – .51%