Handling Ambitions in Relationship


People say “every woman wants a successful man”. In fact the present scenario shows that women are being more successful than men and achieving high levels of success. Now-a-days women are not only being successful themselves in fact they are even choosing people less successful than them as their partner. Let’s focus some light on the marriage of a highly successful woman and a not so successful man, i.e. the ambitions in relationship. It is not always essential that they won’t be compatible with each other and their marriage would lead to divorce, it is just a matter of balance between the two.

Shun Ego in relationship

Let us try to understand the ways in which such partners can balance the ambitions in relationship and live a happy life together instead of leading to sadness and divorce. Every individual has their own strength and weakness. A perfect combination of both can lead to a happy successful marriage while successfully handing ambitions in relationship. It is often seen that a successful woman is full of enthusiasm, courageous, bold, and full of life and a bit impatient. On the other hand not so successful men are calm, easy going, and kind of satisfied with their life. They both are completely opposite. There can be various reasons for divorce between them; some of these are:-

  • If any of the partner is of the feeling that he/she is doing all the work and other person is not helping him/her in any manner;
  • The basic reason found in most of the marriages were that the person found themselves to be more loving than the other partner;
  • If one is not able to bear the success of their partner;
  • Both the partners are of the opinion that they have done enough now the other person should look into their interest
  • Sexual imbalance could be one of the major reasons.

In spite of the above mentioned differences people can sustain their marriage life by some small adjustments and understanding. Ways to achieve harmony between a less ambitious man and a highly ambitious woman means handling ambitions in relationship:-

  • Praise and encourage your partner
  • Let go your ego
  • Think positive
  • Motivate each other
  • Talk to each other about your problems
  • Be a sound listener
  • Don’t be impatient
  • Avoid rumors
  • Adjust your behavior and attitude
  • Keep up your promises
  • Share each other’s work load
  • Try and understand other person’s perspective
  • Don’t be judgmental

So, try these advices so that you can easily manage ambitions in relationship and lead to happy life ahead.