How can you boost confidence with women?

Be Confident
Be Confident

“Confidence” is a trait which is adored by every individual. A man without confidence is not so liked by women. Hence it is very important that you’re confident to leave an impression on every woman you meet.

Although you must have your own ways to boost your confidence but there are a few tips to share with you with


Your attire and physical appearance gives you 25% of your confidence. Think about the moments when you dresses up well and went to party. You must have noticed people turning back and looking at you. Your attire should be of right kind at the right occasion. This will display your sense of judgement and sense of application, automatically catching the attention of a woman and making you feel confident to receive such an attention.

Walking style

Ensure that while you’re walking you don’t bend and lean. Your shoulders should be straight displaying lot of confidence in you.

Posture and gesture

While sitting you should not sit with folded arms and dropped shoulders. You should be erect and firm. While speaking you should have direct eye contact with the person you’re interacting with.

Avoid fumbling

Even if you’re not too sure about your answers never display it though your speeches. You can always inform that “you’ll check and then get back but never say that you are not sure about anything”.

Take the first row seat

Avoid taking a seat at the back as it would leave a bad impression on woman present around.

Make decisions on the spot

Women do not like men who can’t make decision on the spot. If you come across a case where you have to apply yourself and arrive at a conclusion, never hesitate doing so. This will elate you in the eyes of women.

Be responsible

Your attitude of being responsible should be displayed in whatever you do. Women can judge well whether you’re shrugging off or taking risks and responsibilities. They surely prefer men with more of mental power and less of muscle power.

Respect for women

No woman would like to interact with a man who has no respect for a woman.  Also a woman can perceive well whether the man holds any respect for women or not. Hence ensure that you genuine respect for females.