How far is too far when going for a dating?


dating-successWhen two people want to know more about each other they decide to meet in a casual setting and such a meeting is popularly known as dating. Frequent meetings lead from casual chats to more serious topics, resulting in the growth of a relationship. If there develops a mutual satisfaction the relationship would grow strong, if not then it would fade away.

How serious the relationship would develop depends on a lot of factors. The ultimate outcome depends mainly on how each individual approaches the situation and what decisions are made to build it up.

Romance and Love: A Human Trait

The feeling of love or attraction is one among the many basic qualities of human nature that has been realized to exist since time immemorial. This can be true in the case of other living beings too. But the skillful designing of the consequent schedule of romantic events can be attributed to the human intelligence alone.

Ambiance imbued with the fragrance of red roses, sparkling gift boxes-big and small, occasional dating sessions, late night parties and what not! These are often some of the tokens of memories we are reminded of when the four-lettered miracle word L-O-V-E is remembered.

Dating is a concept that is prevalent in western countries where the society is more individualistic and teenagers are expected to make their own decisions in life including that of love and employment. Unlike in most eastern countries where the society is more family-oriented and even adults seek their parents’ advice in important decisions like employment and marriage. Hence the concept of dating is not as popular in such countries.

Dating: A time to know

Dating is a time when two individuals choose to come together to get to know each other better. The main purpose behind it is to check the compatibility of the dating couple for a possible married life together. So they use this time to get to know each other’s character, their likes and dislikes, their areas of interest, etc. Each of them try their best to impress the other and often it leads to more such dates and bonding.

There are various ways in which dating couples like to meet: some would like to go for a movie, others would like to spend some time in the park, and some would like go to a hotel and talk over food or just go for a ride on the bike. It all depends on the individual tastes of the partners involved.

Dating couples prepare for a date well in advance, their young hearts throbbing in excitement. They have dreams about how they would like the date to happen. And when the day finally arrives, they are all excited. They do not know where to start… They just relish the situation.

Dating and not Mating

Many a time youngsters allow the emotional roller-coaster to sweep them off their feat. They allow the heat of the moment to take the better of them and go the distance in their first date itself. They end up making love with strangers.

Those who have not anticipated it, often end up having bitter-sweet memories of the episode. But for some it is not a taboo. They prepare for it and they just enjoy each other. But these situations do not always end well. Couples often separate with deep emotional wounds and other physical ailments.

There are two schools of thought regarding making love during dates. Those who are for it argue that knowing each other’s physical compatibility is as important as knowing their personal compatibility. So, they say, making love is important during dates. But the opposite camp who sounds old school still consider making love as a sacred union meant to be enjoyed only within the bounds of marriage and hence they insist that dating couples should avoid making love.

The other important reason why many argue against making love during a date is that, most often dates don’t translate into marriage. An individual may end up dating a few before he or she would settle with one for marriage. This would mean that they will end up making love with multiple partners before they decide on their life partner.

Dating it Right

If the purpose of a date is to get to know each other better, then spending time with each other in a suitable setting is very important. Choosing a setting that would encourage you to talk more is very important, even if it is just a casual talk. Considering your partner just as any other friend, would go a long way in keeping sensual excitements at bay, thus preventing you from deviating from the basic purpose of dating.

A healthy, hearty conversation would not leave any physical or emotional wounds and keeping your dates within that limit is highly advisable in the long run. Collecting some basic information about the person whom you are dating can help you in preventing any possible heartbreak. Looking forward for a fruitful time of interaction and not dreaming about making love will also go a long way in helping you stay in control while on a date.

It should be kept in mind that dating does not always reveal one’s true self as both partners are trying their best to woo the other. The real character of a partner is revealed only when the serious part of life begins. That is when most of the preconceptions one gained about the other during the dating-period turn out to be misconceptions.

The fact that a large percentage of love marriages end up in divorce is further proof of the fact that dating, after all, may not be a very good compatibility checker. It is all the more true about making love on a date.