How Far to Go in a Marriage before Saying It Has Come to an End


It is a very common question “How far you go in marriage before you say it quits?” The best answer is “as far as it seems worth going”. Marriage counselors say “don`t be scared that it`s over, instead of giving up try to save your marriage the best way you can”.
Many people wonder as to wait for how long before deciding to put an end to the marital tie. The reply is as long as it is reasonable and still there is no progress. One has to draw a demarcating line between how much he or she can sacrifice and what he or she expects.
Counseling is very useful now-a-days and that helps to maintain the marital tie at times. If one`s spouse refuses to go for counseling then it should be concluded that he or she is unwilling to continue the relation.

Marriage therapists say that one should frame a calendar time limit and still at the end of it he finds no trace of any improvement then he should give a trial separation time. Trial separation means a period during which a couple will get separated without actual dissolution of the marital bond. Both the partners will get the opportunity to think over the issues and will feel the effect of a divorce. It will teach both them the reality of separation instead of the abstract idea of it.
Though it takes two people to make a relation and only one to destroy it still one should try to find out his own faults before blaming the other one. One should keep on rectifying his own faults before trying to rectify the other partner.
At times only one person can take steps to change many aspects of a relation even in issues where there is no fault on his behalf, and check a devastating result of the bond. One should try to make progress from his own end even without the active participation of the other. He has to always try to make things better as he has nothing to lose.
The couples should discuss issues among themselves if they do not feel like doing it before a counselor. Clear conversation with a spouse is often very helpful for both the partners. If in spite of all efforts there is a point when there is no return, then only one can think of putting an end to a relation.