How lucky is the number “33” for Tom Cruise?

Tom cruise and his break ups
Tom Cruise and his break ups

You will be amazed to hear that all the three wives of Tom Cruise had turned “thirty three” when they got divorced from him.

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were all in the early 30’s when they got separated from the star.

Tom’s first wife, Rogers married Tom when she was 31. The marriage needed for about three years and Rogers was 33.

His second wife, Nicole Kidman got married to him in December, 1990. This was the longest marriage in his life. The marriage lasted for about 10 years. When the couple got separated in 2001, Kidman was 33.

Again after a gap of about 5 years he decided to marry for the third time. He got married to Katie Holmes in 2006 when the lady was 28. Now when they are getting divorced she is 33.

Many of Tom’s fans and followers believe Scientology to play a big role in his breakups.

Scientology reveals positive connotations about this number 33; yet, the star has been suffering from agony of divorce.

According to a general belief number 33 brings self and unconditional love for the partner, but the star seems to be experiencing something opposite.

He has no issues out of the first marriage. In his marriage with Nicole, two children were adopted by them. Nicole had given the custody of both the children to Tom.

With this new chapter of divorce in his life, Tom is facing a greater challenge of at least “temporarily visiting his daughter”, which has been refused by Katie largely.

According to New York’s laws, Katie is likely to enjoy “sole custody” of Suri, their 6 year old daughter.

Hence, Tom is trying to halt the case in New York making an effort to shift it to California. He expects the court in California to make him secure “joint custody” of the child.

Although Katie wanted to settle the matter within the four walls but she could not help the issue getting a public attention.

Figure 33 has been disturbing for tom as he really had to fight a battle every time he went through a divorce. At the moment all he can do is to give it a hard try to secure joint custody of Suri.