How to deal with insecurities in a relationship?

Insecured partner
Insecured partner

Being in love is the best feeling god ever created. Its miraculous how two people with different backgrounds, personalities, come together, fall in love and decide to spend their lives together.

A common problem that most of us experience while being in a relationship is that of insecurity. It’s true that when you love someone, you may develop the fear of losing him/her. This fear is natural and sometimes healthy because it inspires you to respect your relationship. However, if this feeling lingers for too long, and so much so that it starts affecting your relationship then it is definitely a matter of concern.


It is important to figure out what the reason behind your insecurity is. This is important so you could understand whether the insecurity is genuine or not.

Insecurity may arise if your partner doesn’t really care about how you feel about things, or if you think that your partner is constantly surrounded by people who are better than you, or if you think that your partner is too good for you.

Another most important and genuine reason behind your insecurity is, when your partner is reluctant to take the relationship to a level where it ought to be, that is if he is reluctant to commit.

Dealing with it

  • Lot of times the best way to deal with these insecurities is to talk to your partner and share how you feel. This reflects your confidence in your partner that he/she will understand you and cares for how you feel. This also takes your relationship to greater heights of trust and deeper understanding.
  • Remember, even if he is surrounded by people who you think are better than you he/she has still chosen to be with you for the single most important reason that you love each other.
  • You have to have faith in your relationship and realize that the best of relationships have to survive the toughest of times.
  • Insecurity is surely a difficult emotion to deal with and what is more difficult is to talk about it to your partner. We often hesitate to share our insecurities with our partner for the fear of being judged. It is important that you share a comfortable space with your loved one which allows you to share your emotions without the fear of being judged.

Also try and evaluate the situation from your partner’s perspective. Most importantly, realize that your love life is only a very important part of your life and not your whole life, so ensure you have a circle of friends you can always hang out with. This gives you and your partner the much required healthy space.

Most importantly believe in your partner and have faith in the beautiful relationship you have created together.