How to know if your spouse is your soul mate?

Soul mates

Every individual who is married might feel frustrated at some point of time or the other. They may actually sit back and think about the reason that hold them back in their marriage.

However, there would be some who might be thinking if their spouse is the one with whom he or she can share the thought of “made for each other”.

Learn a few thoughts about identifying your partner as a soul mate:

  • Both of you supplement and complement each other: It has not happened once but many a times that you started a sentence and he or she completed it. You fell short of words and yet you were not embarrassed in front of others because your partner was there to complement your statement.
  • Both of you share a deep understanding: He wanted to have something special, and it there in front of his eyes even without him uttering a word. She wanted to buy something and the order was already placed before she could have opened her mouth to express her wish. And this is not once or twice in occurrence rather it has always been like that.
  • Your mistakes have been covered: Even though you made a glaring mistake but it has been covered by your spouse. Later, you may have been notified about the same. This is nothing but a mature and smart way of handling things. And it can come only from someone who is a soul mate.
  • You never felt alone or left out: Ever since you have got married to this person, you have never suffered from the feeling of “left out” or “loneliness”. You always have been confident that even if you commit a blunder of highest degree it is your spouse who is going to stand next to you.
  • You always received encouragement, respect and love: Your spouse has always been encouraging, have respected you for the kind of person you are and have loved you for being with him or her.
  • Your choices have been accepted: Without criticizing you or belittling you, your choices have been accepted and have been given enough attention.  In fact, they were adopted by your spouse without any hassle.
  • Sense of ownership: You have been provided with the sense of ownership about your spouse’s life, house and everything that belongs to him or her.

There are many more thoughts to confirm if your spouse is your soul mate or not. It doesn’t mean that you will have no differences with him or her, but yes, they will be sorted out in no time. As because there is a deep understanding and a lot of pure love existing between the two of, it is enough to drive away any kind of baggage in the relationship and hence to give you a happy and healthy married life. It is difficult to get a soul mate, though; the concept cannot be termed obsolete. It is a reality that brings happiness galore to many married couples.