How to Make a Budget Love Story


budget loveAre you engaged? Or just involved in a relation? Are you worried about the cost of a day or night to be spent with your partner? Then do not be tensed.

It is really tough at times to plan the budget while spending time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do not get tensed. The following tips will keep your relation less costly and at the same time make it enjoyable for both of you.

1.        Go for a long walk: This might appear to be boring initially, but it is really nice to go for a long walk together and enjoy your partner’s company without disturbances. Before starting learn about some good and comfortable walking paths which are nearby so that you do not finish by losing your way back home. Share some new views, breathe fresh air. By this way you will get an opportunity to talk to one other without getting into any costly place.

2.       Give your partner a homemade treat: When visiting to five-star restaurants are beyond the capacity, do not worry. You can still enjoy a romantic experience. Cook a special meal for your partner. With a light music and romantic candles, you can spend a memorable time praising your partner’s effort. Even if you spend little bit on the ingredients for cooking you will surely save compared to a meal in any restaurant.

3.       Practice writing letters:  Though writing love letters might appear to be out of fashion now-a days, but it is easy to reach someone’s heart through a romantic love letter. You can share your views and express your feelings which you probably have trouble saying loudly. A lot of differences can be made with just a piece of paper.

4.       Plan a short trip: There are many places you can visit. Find a place which is near your place and within your budget. Places like museums, old libraries, parks are almost less expensive to visit. Go there together. Carry your lunch from your home and you will surely have a great time with the least cost. By this way you can keep yourself away from the expensive shopping malls as well.

5.       Be honest:  Nobody wants to speak about budget at the beginning of a relationship, but if there is a major budget issue for you it is always better to share the same with your partner rather than trying to conceal it. Remember honesty is the best ingredient in any relation.

6.        Watch a movie at home: This one might sound odd but rather than watching a TV alone at your home make an evening from it. Arrange for a bottle of drink with popcorn and relax at the weekend.