How to manage your mother-in-law

In-laws management

1st November: Are you finding it tough to deal with your in-laws after marriage?

Here’s a guide to help you bail out of this tricky situation and enjoy your married life forever.

In-laws managementDealing with your mother-in-law—

  • Setting up boundaries with regard to your in-laws is essential if you want to keep your married life a healthy and a happier one.
  • Once you get married, you need to learn to accept new relationship with your in-laws. And whether you are a wife or a husband, you ought to give priority to your spouse over other family members.
  • Having clear rules for effective handling of extended family members can go a long way in bringing required improvements in your married life.
  • Never commit the mistake of criticizing your relationship with your hubby or wife with his or her parents. Rather than criticizing, you must work towards getting more understanding about such relationship.
  • If you have any problem with your mother-in-law, the onus lies on the husband to help and sort out the issue. Same is the case when the hubby has any problem with his in-laws. In this case, it is the wife who needs to take control of the problem and solve it.
  • If you want to negotiate the role you expect from your in-laws, you should talk with your partner directly rather than keeping your feelings to yourself.
  • You should be polite while dealing with your in-laws. This does not mean losing your individuality.
  • Don’t be in a competition with your mother-in-law. If your hubby praises his mother, don’t feel down or reply in a negative tone.
  • It takes time to build relationship. So, it would not be advisable to expect immediate results. Remember, it’s based on trust and friendship that will nurture slowly and gradually.
  • Spending time with your in-laws can go a long way in developing cordial relationship. You can do so by doing simple chores together. It could be playing cards, shopping and so on.