How to Regret-proof your relationship


26th July: Let us see who to regret-proof your relationship.

So, we will explore this issue in detail here now.

How to regret-proof your relationshipHow to regret-proof your relationship?—Want to know how to regret-proof your relationship.  Well, let us see here now. We all know quite well that regret is quite strange, especially in case of romance and love. So, today, we shall see here to avoid relationship regrets.

  • Use your intuition—Yes, that’s true. You must pay attention to your intuition while choosing your partner. You will be guided by your intuition that you have made just a perfect decision. It could be a gut feeling or some sense of rightness or anything like that. But you will get to know it someway. If you feel that the relationship is not right, then don’t ignore the feeling. Go after your intuition.
  • Take due care—we know now that intuition and instinct are the powerful guiding tools. However, you need to take due care too. Yes, that’s important too. So, evaluate your potential partner in a systematic process. It means undertaking due diligence. A careful look at your potential partner to see if he or she has the objective traits of a good partner. It could be judging the work habits, career plans, and financial dependence of your potential partner.
  • Ensure alignment of your values—Does your values align or not? You and your partner need to share same core values, say the elders. So, keep this advice in mind while choosing your partner. Having similar values (as well as world views) is quite important in long term marriage. This is mandatory to avoid relationship regrets later on. If the potential partner does not share your core values, think twice before committing to such a relationship.
  • Look at your partner’s family carefully—You marry your partner’s family, not just a person. So, relatives of your partner are going to be a lifelong element. Hence, consider your partner’s family before you commit to marriage. Satisfaction with the in-law relationships are correlated strongly with regard to overall marital harmony. So, remember, in-law relationships matter strongly.
  • Express yourself—express yourself, your feelings of love, gratitude if you want to avoid relationship regrets. These could enliven your married life and help avoid relationship regrets.