How to Save a Marriage from Divorce


2014-06-02_0076-1024x683(pp_w940_h626)Marriage is one of the oldest institutions known to mankind – a bond in which a man and a woman come together and vow to live together for the rest of their lives. Through the ages, this how it has been, but now times are a changing.

Divorce is the most heart-breaking fallout of a failed marriage. The fact that it is a recent phenomenon proves that the modern materialistic mindset and the increasing equality of women in the society have a direct bearing on the longevity of a marriage relationship.

Emotional Bonding is What a Woman Want

The most common reason for a marriage break up is the strain in the emotional bonding. Young couples who are not satisfied with the way their partner treats them, look for support elsewhere and when they see it they risk their present relationship for it. In middle-age, couples start feeling lonely and bored with their relationship as responsibilities of rearing children and taking care of a family takes the fun quotient out. They then go looking for that missing “fun moments”.

There are various reasons why men and women want to leave a relationship. A woman who does not feel loved would like to find it elsewhere. A husband needs to know that for a woman words are very important and though you may be working hard to take care of the family, your wife is eagerly looking out for those words of affection and appreciation from you. Saying “I Love You” is one of the most magical statements that can be made, but when a relationship is already on the rocks then those words may backfire. It may actually sound hallow and result in more resentment. So find something worthwhile to appreciate her.

Problems and misunderstandings are bound to happen in a marriage relationship. But it does not mean that they should turn out to be relationship breakers. Problems can be handled in a loving and constructive way. You need to keep in mind that the louder you talk the lesser you are listened. Loud communications only result in the hearers getting defensive thus defeating the very purpose of the discussion.

To save a marriage it is important for a husband to make his wife feel she is important.  A woman tends to value your appreciation of what she has done for you than what you are actually doing for her. A woman likes to think that she has a special place in your life and you need to convey that to her in a loving way. You should also convey to her that she has a very important role in the future of the family. This would give her lot of confidence to stay in the relationship.

Reading Your Husband’s Mind

As far as husbands are concerned, it is very hard to know what is going on in their minds as men are not known to be good communicators of their feelings. But spending time with him while in a good mood may help you read some of what is hidden in his mind.

If your husband is thinking of leaving you then you need to do a self-assessment of the possible reasons. You should consider if you would have made the same decision if you were in his shoes. You should see if staying in a relationship with you is a like a life imprisonment for him. If you are a good person to be with then it is not easy to hate you.

It is easy to consider you as a liability unless you are a valuable asset for the family. No one ignores anything valuable. Your actions and attitudes should be such that other members of the family should feel your worth and respect you for it. It is hard to replace a truly valuable person.