How well can you prepare your child for Adolescence?

Mother and a teenager
Mother and a teenager

At various stages of parenting you have to teach and learn various facts. Your approach of handling a child is absolutely different from how you approach him or her when he is at the verge growing up. This growing up phase when he is neither a child nor an adult is “adolescence”.

This is supposed to be the most vulnerable phase of life when he is in a confused. There is a confusion pertaining to every aspect of life. Starting from career to emotions, everything seems to be a mystery to them. Hence as parent you can always make things easier for them. This is the stage whether you need play the role of companion rather than a parent.

You may ensure the following to support your child better

  • The relationship between you and your child should be friendly with an element of trust, faith and respect.
  • Avail your child with the basic information related to puberty in a healthy manner so that he doesn’t get to know it from elsewhere.
  • Have an open discussion with your child about any and every confusion he has in mind. If he does not receive a satisfactory answer from you, he will look for it elsewhere. This is the juncture when you may lose him by not satisfying him or gain him by being a true companion to him.
  • Things that are simple and silly for you are an unsolved mystery for them. Don’t delay in solving this mystery for them.
  • The environment of the house should be open and free so that he is comfortable placing all his queries and happy sharing all his experiences.
  • Communicate with your child on a daily basis so that you have an idea about the thoughts going on in his mind. Also this would make him feel that he is important to you.
  • Encourage and be friendly rather than loading him with a bag of discipline and expectations.

Remember one thing, that your role in your child’s life can make him or break him, so at this stage when he is vulnerable to everything. A wrong step from your end would lead him to path of disrespect, distrust and lose confidence. This ultimately would lure him towards wrong choices like substance abuse. So, all your steps should be well thought of where you safeguard your child and earn peace for yourself.