Infidelities Of The Rich And Famous in Hollywood


Hollywood is famous for its scandalous marriages and shocking breakups and divorces. Quite often one co-star is linked to another and their closeness causes trouble in each other’s personal or rather public relationship status. There is more than one example to such infidelities among the rich and famous personalities of Hollywood.

  • Brad- Angelina- Jennifer: This is one of the most scandalous cheating stories of all time in the Hollywood. Jolie and Pitt were allegedly in an affair while Brad was still married to Jenifer Anniston. When the rumour fires sparked and took several peaks, Brad decided to put an end to it, by filing a divorce. Jennifer Anniston who was heartbroken at that time is now happier and has seemed to have moved on. Shortly after the divorce, Jolie and Pitt were seen together as a couple. They got married a few months ago and it has been one of the most speculated weddings in the history of Hollywood. The couple who are seen as very private people are the parents of six children. Despite all the rumours and hate stories that were in the air a decade ago because of their closeness on the sets of “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” today they remain as one of the finest examples of a power couple.
  • Demi Moore- Ashton Kutcher: Demi Moore was married to Ashton Kutcher who was almost half her age and remained happily married until she found out that Ashton Kutcher was cheating on her. Apparently, Ashton Kutcher engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman while he was still married to Demi Moore. The couple then filed for divorce. Demi has still not gotten over Ashton whereas Ashton has happily tied the knot with one of his co-stars Mila Kunis with whom he also happens to have a baby with. Reports say that Mila made sure that Ashton signed a pre-nup that gave her the power of inheriting a certain million dollars (the exact amount has not been disclosed) if Ashton was to ever cheat on her. The couple are now spotted engaging in public display of affection which has got the paparazzi doing all the rounds.

Infidelity is a rising issue and has become quite common all over the world though it is very unacceptable. Hollywood celebrity link ups and breakups are more popular because of their public image and life.