Is Cohabitation more relevant than Marriage?


In the swift of two decades, from 19974 to 1994, the American Society has experienced a rise in the percentage of “Cohabitation” from a mere 10% to almost 50%.This is a figure which is alarming enough for taking a relook at the social parameters. And these parameters are the indicators of the change in the thought process of the younger generation about the “Institution of Marriage”.

Common Reasons behind the growing concept of Cohabitation

  • Lack of moral responsibility

The younger generation these days, do not want to take the responsibility of getting married and being responsible for the happiness and or sadness for someone forever. They always want to keep an option open for exiting the relationship in case they come across something better in life.

  • Lack of Commitment

People want to enjoy and derive all the benefits of a marital relationship, yet they don’t want to get committed to a single person. Instead of enjoying the boundaries of a relationship they want to explore the world more and more.

  • Independent Attitude

People do not want to lose the independence they have in life, yet, want someone to wait for them at home when they come back from work.

  • Saving the cost

People suggest that they share their apartment with the “Cohabitant” to reduce the cost of living and save upon money for the future.

Is the concept more relevant than Marriage?

Certainly not, many a studies have revealed that the marital relationships which are established after “Cohabitation” hardly last for a longer period of time. Such relationships are based on “calculation, distrust and negative attitude”. Hence the survival rates of these relationships are much lower in compared to that of marital relations.

Will Marriage lose its sheen amid these changes?

Marriage is a pure relationship which actually connects the two souls rather, unites them, so coming out of such a bond is hard.

Cohabitation is a relationship which is made after a lot of thought and mostly with the negative one. And this is because people prefer living together before getting married because they are not sure of the other person; in fact they are not sure of themselves.

However, marriage is an institution of two souls where the thoughts are more positive and hence the life of such a bond is larger and stronger as well.

In spite of Cohabitation being into dominant existence these days, Marriage is respected and will be respected at all points of time.