Is money ruining your relationship?

Love or money

9th November: Love makes the world go round but when money starts dominating, even the best relationships can get rocked.

Making money is good but don’t let this take a toll on your relationships, state several marriage and relationship counselors.

Pursuing money—Good or bad?–Having lots of money, enjoying a higher standard of living and getting luxuries is what many of us want in our lives and hence strive to get these. There is no harm in doing so. But the only thing is that in the pursuit of making more money, we should not let it affect our relationships.

Love or moneyMany times, it can be seen that when we get lot of money, it can lead to a bad impact on our relationship. And this should be taken as an alarming sign to prevent our relationship from falling apart.

Tips for not allowing money to ruin our relationship—

  • Solid foundation of relationship—Love should be based on the foundations of trust and faith for each other and not on the pocketbooks of our partner.
  • Having money love talk—Having talks about money-related issues like saving, spending, or budgeting can save couples from money affecting their relationship, suggest marriage and relationship counselor.
  • Neutral discussion about money—Not talking money with your spouse can also spell trouble. So, the good thing is to seek a neutral time for having talk on money. Such time can be best for resolving or addressing different money concerns.
  • Plan and adhere strictly—Having a good plan about having financial discussion is indispensable. And sticking to the plan is needed to prevent finances leading to a crack in your relationship.
  • Be patient—Exercise patience while discussing financial matters with your spouse if you want to keep your relationship healthy and happy. So, you will have to exercise a persistent but a patient behavior. It can help overcome initial inhibitions of your spouse or partner with regard to discussing money matters.

The fact is that numerous relationships fail due to money. So, don’t let this happen with you. For this, start having discussion about money at the start of your relationship. Have clear rules about spending habits, debt, savings as well as financial aims for the coming times.